GO’peration #013: help Marta and her friends reach daylight

We have already successfully completed #012 wildlife rescue operations. It is time for our GO’operation #013!

12 years – this is for how long Marta, an imprisoned monkey, has not seen the light of day. Marta lives in an artificial so-called “jungle”, surrounded by transparent glass, and the only friend to keep Marta’s company is a plush frog.

Marta is a green monkey, a highly social and intelligent animal being. Naturally, green monkeys are living their best lives in the jungles of Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, their habitats including tropical forests as well as savannahs. Green monkeys are social animals that usually live in groups of 7-80 monkeys. In groups, green monkeys communicate, cuddle, and live according the rules of a clear social hierarchy that they possess. However, Marta does not know what this all means, as she has never seen daylight, met anyone of her kind and is quietly suffering from loneliness in a glass cage in Northern Lithuania.
Marta is constantly being watched through the glass by the curious eyes of the visitors, from whom she has no place to hide in her cramped wooden house. Instead of the soothing sounds of nature, Marta is surrounded by the harsh screams of birds kept in the adjacent glass terrariums.

When keeping animals in captivity in Lithuania, it is necessary to take into the account the biological needs of the species and the social sensitivity specific to the species. Animals must not experience pain, distress or discomfort, and the natural life cycles of each species must be taken into the account. Unfortunately, Marta the green monkey is incredibly distant from the conditions that she deserves in nature.

But not everything is lost – together we can save Marta!

We managed to find an agreement with Marta’s keepers on the transfer of the animal, and the Wildlife Center in Belgium has agreed to provide Marta with a place to start a different lide. Along with Marta, two other friends of the same destiny – caiman crocodiles kept in an adjacent cramped terrarium – would leave to Belgium as well.

For the transfer operation of these animals, we need EUR 3,100 that will be used for:

  • The organization of necessary veterinary services – microchipping the animals, vaccinations, and other necessary veterinary procedures;
  • The arrival of specialists from Belgium and the transport of animals;
  • Official documentation costs.

We kindly ask for your urgent financial support for the transfer of Marta and the Caiman crocodiles. 110 friends, donating Marta and her friends € 30 each, would provide these unfortunate animals a chance at a different life, one that they deserve in the nature.

Once the neccessary amount of donations has been raised, Marta and the crocodiles will be able to meet other animals of their own species, finally see the daylight, breathe in some fresh air for the first time and will never again be tormented by harsh screams, human gazes and narrow glass walls.

Support Marta‘s and the crocodiles‘ journey into the daylight!

Please donate to:

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IBAN: LT027300010130402164


Bank: Swedbank

Paypal – info@gyvunuapsauga.lt


Our country is waiting for change – contribute to  animal protection in Lithuania!