Our Work

We strive to ensure animal needs in Lithuania.

Responsible Pet Ownership

Find out how a pet owner’s responsibilities and the provided animal needs can change the stray animal situation in the country. Owning a pet requires a great deal of effort and knowledge. Our organization aims to spread awareness of the basic principles of responsible pet care. We encourage the availability of veterinary treatment in rural areas of the country, implementation of microchipping, and active outreach on sustainable solutions to the stray animal problem and consequences of commercial breeding.


  • Mandatory microchipping of cats and dogs
  • Increased availability of veterinary treatment in Lithuania’s rural areas
  • Promotion of pet owners responsibilities
  • No stray animals in Lithuania
  • Controlled breeding for commercial purposes


  • Mandatory microchipping for cats and dogs
  • A sustainable stray animal management plan
  • Responsible ownership lessons in schools
  • Protection of pet used for commercial breeding purposes
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Wild Animals in Entertainment

Find out more about the organization’s initiatives to stop the exploitation of wildlife for entertainment and how we raise awareness of animal protection laws. Animals in captivity are forced to give up their natural behavior and living conditions. Our organization is actively engaged in ensuring there will be no places in Lithuania where wildlife is kept and used for entertainment. When we find wild animals kept illegally or in poor conditions, we organize their relocation to sanctuaries and urge the public to promote national biodiversity protection and conservation.


  • Protected national animal parks instead of zoos in Lithuania
  • Banning the use of wild animal for entertainment
  • Rescue and rehabilitation of animals in need


  • Lithuania without ZOO
  • GO’perations – real animal rescue stories
  • The establishment of Lithuania’s bear sanctuary
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Our country is waiting for change – contribute to  animal protection in Lithuania!