Lessons on responsible dog ownership will take place in Kėdainiai district schools

GATO, in cooperation with the animal welfare service “Pifas” operating in Kėdainiai, seeks to ensure that the number of children bitten in the Kėdainiai district municipality decreases every year, as well as the number of stray or unattended animals. To this end, this year’s lessons “Lessons with Animals” are being organized for students of grades 1-12 in all schools of Kėdainiai district municipality.

Classes will be organized and conducted free of charge by a representative of the organization at a pre-arranged time.

Lithuanian schools have already received, for the first time in the country, teaching aids designed to develop safe and responsible behavior of children with dogs. The organizers of the project “Lessons with Animals” have published teaching aids for teachers in grades 1-12, which include a set of six educational books for children of different ages, educational videos, and posters.

The “Lessons with Animals” curriculum is in line with the Human Safety Framework Program approved by the Ministry of Education and Science, which teaches human safety as a separate or integrated subject in schools for all 12 years.

Contributing to the diversity of lesson content on the safe handling of animals, we supplemented the project with lessons specially prepared by a representative of the organizations for students of all ages. Kėdainiai is the first and to this day the only municipality in Lithuania, where it is possible to invite a specialist to conduct such a lesson. If you are a teacher of Kėdainiai district municipality and you want your class to be taught “Safe and responsible dog ownership”, please contact us by e-mail. by letter to svietimas@gyvunuapsauga.lt. Upon receiving your letter or call, we will come to agree on the lesson plan, time, and other necessary details.

Our country is waiting for change – contribute to  animal protection in Lithuania!