The Manifesto
The aim of the manifesto is a clear and coherent strategy for the protection of wildlife developed by professionals, the public and policy makers.
We must refuse to have the obsolete zoos in Lithuania, where wild animals are kept in captivity for entertainment.
We believe that...
  1. The world is changing, so the attitude towards wild animals and conservation methods must also change.
  2. The practice of caging and exhibiting wild animals for entertainment in zoos is out-of-date and must be given up.
  3. The collective efforts of politicians, professionals and the society at large can foster respect for wild animals and help develop conservation solutions in a coordinated manner.
  4. Together we can free the suffering wild animals in captivity and move them to specifically designed habitats suitable for natural living.
  5. Lithuania’s, as well as the whole world’s, objective is a society where zoos are replaced by national parks dedicated to breeding and preserving native animal species.
  6. Lithuania is capable of inspiring other countries by being an example of how putting all efforts and using appropriate resources can save native animal species and their habitats.

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